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John Galt’s speech was long; it was very long. If you took every word and laid it end to end, it would probably reach the moon and come back. He figured that if anybody had the sense to write it down, it probably would’ve been at least 70 pages or so, in small type.

Now, his throat was hurting and he needed a scotch. He held out his hand and expected his servant to come by and put his scotch in his hand. He shook his schotchless hand and whimpered, hoping that whats his face would put his cold tasty drink in his had, but it never came. It was probably because of the speech that John Galt realized that his servant decided to stay behind when John started his little protest.

He shrugged. ‘Who cares’ he almost said aloud but didn’t because nobody around him would know what he was talking about.

The first order of business, and John new business, was to establish, well, business. He stood up in front of everyone with his arms outstretched and yawned as he proclaimed “The first thing that will be done by our new, better, much cooler society that theirs, is to establish the rules of business!” Bringing his head back upright, he surveyed the reactions which rolled from a slack-jawed surprised to just utter bewilderment. There was a suspenseful pause. John was a master of suspenseful pauses, most of which were no longer than 15.43 seconds long. He had determined that any longer the suspense was too much, and, no matter how good the revelation was, it could never be good enough to justify that long of a pause. And god help us all if it was too short. Shit, what are we savages. He was coming up on 14.98 he parted lips and waited the rest of the .45 seconds before laughing hysterically at what they all sat bewildered at.

“No. No. No. Just kidding. You should’ve seen your faces! I really had you going,” John almost puked he was laughing so hard. Like a church chorus, they all sang a sigh of relief when they realized John was joking about making rules for Business. “Just do me one favor. Don’t eat each other, alright!”

And so they built their society.


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John breathed a sigh of relief. His back was still sore and his head was still pounding when they brought him back to Galt’s Gulch. Stretching out his back, he reached between his legs and rubbed his crotch vigorously. Before he got too aroused, he ceased his rubbing. It was then that he realized that he was being closely by Dagny. When she¬†¬†licked her lips, he starting getting harder. Then he realized that they weren’t the only two around.

Every one else was there. Calvin, Quentin, Larry, Mrs. Bill, Dr. Tommy, King Midas, The Judge, Little Dwighty, and Inferno Ellis were all there staring at him like he just farted in their corn flakes. He was glad that they had gotten him away from that torturing do-hickey, but he had wished that it had time to penetrate him just a little bit deeper before they did.

He decided that a speech was in order. He had been working on one, it was a long one, but it would definitely put some people in their place…

…to be continued.

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