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He was frightened and alone.

In the dark, without the comfort of light, he knew himself to be lost, and dark was where he stayed. He reached inside himself and found nothing there, nothing of light, only shadow. He was bound by it, held tight by it, a slave to the black. He would be flung from the earth and swallowed by it. He opened his eyes, startled and full of fearful things. Soon, he found the dark leaving him, replaced by an eerie blue before a new dawn. It was that time that the sun even fears to show its face. It stayed hidden and didn’t offer to comfort him in his fears. He was still alone. Wait. There was something there. He saw it out of the corner of his eye. He turned to find that he wasn’t alone at all. He was surrounded by horrible creatures of shadow and empty. The dark had brought him dark things, and the horrible blue revealed them to be…


The deformed monsters reached for him, dangling from each other in an orgy of darkened viscosity. Creatures of shadow yearned to reach inside him, grab onto his organs, and move him from the inside. No matter how far the frightened man retreated, those grotesque monsters followed at a lurching pace. They wanted to make him their puppet, seeking to fill his emptiness with theirs. He turned his back to them and ran away.

He ran until his legs felt like stone, heavy and unbendable. He pushed harder and farther until he finally found light. He stopped and gazed at the coming sun, a coming hope that could overcome the dark things and illuminate his path. He stared at it for the lifetime of the worlds and was spared by it. The frightened man didn’t have to look. Falling to his knees, he put his hands to his face and covered his eyes. Tears fell from his eyes, soaking his palms. He put his hands in front of him, pushed them to the dirt, and held himself up by his arms. He didn’t need to look back. He knew that the light had taken care of it. He knew that, at the moment, the dark things were gone.

But he was still alone.


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He awoke and found himself in shadow.

The shadow couldn’t hold him for long, though, and he soon found lights moving and twirling above him. The lights danced, following the movements of each other, complementing in both meter and rhythm. Each individual light moved while moving and being moved by the others. He closed his eyes and they disappeared out of existence for a brief moment. When he finally opened his eyes again, bringing them back from oblivion, he found that they had stopped moving.

He winced as the earth’s breath brushed past his sore skin. The hair on his skin rose briefly to catch the heat that had been carried away too quickly by the cool breeze and relaxed again once it found its effort wasted. The man flipped his body over to face the dirt, pushed himself up, and turned his eyes toward the surrounding grass swaying amongst splatters of moonlight. Trees rustled gently from a subtle wind. After flowing through the trees where it became sweet, the wind entered his lungs and moved on.

He pushed his body up until he was on his knees. He found himself facing his own shadow, his shape forced by pale moonlight onto the trunk of a tree. There was life in this shadow. The curious man raised his hands to it. It did the same and, flowing freely, touched his hand. It was either a shadow cast from another or a reflection of his own image. No. It followed his movements, but didn’t reflect them. It wasn’t a reflection but a…


The curious man laughed, examined, and wondered. He reached farther into it, feeling a strange numbing in his arm. It came from the hand of the mimic and flowed through his own, moving up his arm and stopping at his shoulder. He pulled away and looked around and found he was surrounded. Some of them were more vague than others, most no more than wisps. Some tried to move alone, away from him and the rest, but they couldn’t get too far and they quickly came back to them.

The man laughed. He stood up, turning away from his mimics and looking toward a coming light. The sky seemed to burst from dark into color, from black to blue in a moment too quick for notice. He reached out his arms to join the blue that looked down on him and bathed him. Then came the heat, warmth that gave more to the senses than any touch could. Starting with his feet, it moved slowly up his legs. It not only touched the surface but also flowed beneath the skin, pushing close to bone. It continued up his body, reaching his chest. His pulse held still in anticipation of it and, once the warmth moved through him, returned to strengthen him once again. He threw back his head, a body overflowing with a new day.

He smiled.

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