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Most of the cons constantly tote the benefits of a free-market without Government intervention, and proclaim that private industry can do anything better than government ever can. Now, they are calling out Obama for not acting quickly or efficiently enough with the recent BP/Haliburton oil disaster in the Gulf. So, let me get this straight: the government is inefficient and should not get involved any aspect of business, but when a business fails miserably at what they are supposed to do, the government needs to quickly roll in, no questions asked. It also seems that government shouldn’t get involved in the lives of individuals by providing a social safety net for when those individuals become too old to work or are fired from their job. At the same time, they should be ready to provide subsidies and loans to financial institutions to make sure that they can continue to amass great wealth unhindered. The Con’s argument is simple, government needs to stay out of the way, unless the rich people need money.


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Ode to Andy McKee

Although I don’t think it will help with my own guitar playing abilities, I think I need to have Andy McKee’s love-child. I have never had an artist both inspire me and piss me off with such intensity that I am often tempted to just cut off all of my fingers and call it a day. Luckily, I can’t stand the sight of blood. So instead, I will just sit here and butcher songs like “Drifting” and “Heather’s Song”. Every student always asks me, when does it get easy. After I laugh at them mockingly, I tell them that it never does. I continue to tell them that if they want to be guitar players, and they are truly interested in the craft, bits of gratification are few and far between. Once you have mastered some type of technique or song, you are already yearning to move on to the next. Being a true musician is a constant state of yearning. Maybe that’s how it should be.

For those of you savages who are unaware of the magic that is Andy McKee, one of his jams is below.

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…and the winner is….

Charles Krauthammer

For those of you who do not know who this whiny little bitch is, he is a political commentator who often attends the nationally broadcast Klan meetings more commonly known as Fox News. Often he is seen with his nose up Bill O’Reiley’s ass with his lips puckered so tight that Bill’s balls can never get into full swing. The reason why I am awarding this crippled prick, no offense to the handicapped, is because of his continued vitriol towards any thought or action that can be considered even slightly progressive or liberal in nature.

Often I find myself reading his articles or listening to his nasally whiny voice while wishing that someone would take a pencil and jam it into my ear. With regards to foreign affairs, he often mistakes calculation for appeasement, and with regards to economics, he continually espouses Free-Market Capitalism even though he should be smart enough to know that there is no such thing. In order for any market to even exist, it must be governed by rules and regulations, and indeed even created, by a larger entity. When markets become bigger than the entity that creates them, they begin to self-regulate and eventually become so top-heavy thatĀ  eventually collapse and implode. My beef with Krauthammer isĀ  not with his argument, but it is that, in spite of the fact that he is smart enough to know better, he continues to spew anti-government rhetoric to further delegitimize Obama and his administration.

If you have problems with the Obama administration Mr. Krauthammer, by all means, let it be known. But do not propagate McCarthyism in order to delegitimize an administration just simply because they ascribe to a different political position. You are smart enough to know when someone who is not a Republican is doing something right, be man enough to admit it.

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With the disturbing of the waters, he moved between face and ghost.He pushed beneath the waters and found nothing but what he already knew to be there. The water spread, he submerged. He couldn’t breathe down here and knew that he never would again. He would try to say that he was pulled beneath the waters, told that his throat was dry and needed to drink. He would try to say that a man like himself told him that what was here would fill him and quench him. But to move beneath the water was his choice, and it was his choice when to breathe.

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The Drift

The drift had to collect somewhere

Finally reached above my knees

As I waited

Still for way too long

The weight of it forgotten by most

And ignored by the rest

Left to me

to lumber all the more

I waited for it to keep wandering

To find somewhere else to mass

Another place

around the lost or the still

The more I brushed off my shoulder

The more collected at my feet

Still I laughed

At the remnants trying to bury me

Fuck you you minor things!

Your weight is petty!

Let you settle

And bring my foot down on your heads!

Those minor things tend to pile

And quickly cling to a static thing

Try to move

And feel the heavy burden of a gathering drift

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Nothing was there

And all moved to dust

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