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Argueing 101

I have decided that I hate stupid people, and I am going to make it my goal in life to make people think about the stupid shit that they say. The most obvious is politically. Being a tree-hugging liberal, I might sound biased when I say that there are allot of dumb conservatives out there. Truth is though, there are ALMOST as many moron liberals. When I hear arguments about how nice we should be to each other and that’s what should drive our society, I always put my face in my palm. It’s not that I don’t think that there is some truth to that, but it’s an argument that is difficult to sustain when you are discussing politics or economics.

The best way to argue with someone is to do it from their perspective. For example: If a conservative says Laissez Faire is the only way that economies should be handled, argue the point. Tell them that a “pure” Laissez Faire policy is impossible even in theory due to the necessity of government to enforce contracts. If the government is enforcing contracts then it is not Laissez Faire. If they say, “well, that’s the only thing government should do.” Then you argue and example about protections against products with poison and how the government needs to provide guidelines to which these companies need to adhere. They may say, “well, the free-market will take care of that”. But you will say, “by the time when and IF that happens, people will already have died.”

If you follow this way of argument you will slowly erode at their position without appealing to the need to be “nice” to each other.
Now I’m going to play with my lead-filled GI Joes.


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Shadow Tales

That wretched author again and his wretched story, he thinks he so damn funny when he tells such a bleak tale. Does he really find anything in so many dark things, or is he just trying to make it familiar. How can anything familiar be found in the shadows…
…of other tales…
In this tale where nothing moves after coming so far, too far, everything, after too much distance, becomes unfamiliar. Even men’s own shadows are unrecognizable. They mimic themselves and try to become themselves, but they never get the timing right. Those sad mimics become shadows of mimics themselves as they mimic their own shadows.
The author is a sad and foolish man who can’t keep his story straight. With the shutting of the bookends, they throw down his book in frustration, and he still pens. With tear and shred, they mock his words, and he still pens. With the smell of sulfur, they put him to his end, and still he pens.
…what of him then…
“I lost him after that,”

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